Points of Light

Alien pirates

Why should we let this arrogant bastard go?

A day after leaving the shores of Skandium, a strange ship was spotted off the starboard side.

It sat very tall in the water and seemed to have a bizarre arrangement of sails fanning out from the rear almost like a peacock.

The lookout in their crows nest must have spotted you as the ship wheeled around towards the Impending Storm. As it sped closer, it became obvious that the ship was not actually sitting in the water at all!! It seemed to be floating above it on some purple and pink cushion of energy, the sea beneath it broiling away as it skimmed across the surface at great speed!


Medea ordered the helmsmen about and the mainsail and jib to be flew tight as the wheel spun hard. The wind caught the sails it and wrenched the ship forward at it’s top speed……but it was so much slower than the chasing vessel….they would be upon the Impending Storm in minutes….the party prepared for attack!!

Naval Battle ensued! The attacking ship hovered about with surprising agility, managing to dodge some of the defensive ballista attacks. Bolts which did manage to hit the ship exploded in a shower of sparks against an invisible force shield. The ships locked together and the attackers threw down boarding hooks and ladders. But these attackers were creatures not seen on this world before. With long swept back heads and pointed ears, and gaping nostrils with pupiless eyes and wicked mouths….these pirates looked every bit at vicious as nightmares.

They attacked fiercely and several crew from both sides were slaughtered, but eventually the leaders were overcome. The captain surrendered seemingly in an attempt to preserve the life of himself and his crew. After several long and frustrating interrogation sessions with the arrogant and highly intelligent captain, they’d reached an agreement to exchange information and technology for him and his freedom.


The alien creatures were a race called Githyanki, from another plane of existance. About a week ago, Captain Gish Za’zozthe and the crew of the Skyship Star Slicer found themselves drawn into a temporal planar portal from the Astral Sea to the natural world which occurred along the ley lines which have been showing random signs of becoming unstable.

In the past week, the Star Slicer has attacked a couple of pirate ships and a couple of seaside villages (including the fishing village, Gamuut which the party found) looking for loot. He’s just waiting for one of the planar anomalies to open back up again so he can get home…..or he will have to seek out Sigil.

They showed the crew of the Impending Storm the arcane workings of the alien ship’s engine and control orb, which they feared and wouldn’t touch (perhaps wisely), then they showed them the technology of the shield generation unit, something they could actually reproduce with current knowledge using some crystals which are extremely rare on this world.

They released the captain and his remaining crew, after relieving their ship of any visible crystals, and set them on their way, pointing them towards some pirate isles(?)


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