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How do we get to the shadowfell?

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The next morning after the heroes feast in Gamithveilt, the party met a scruffy half-elf named Peren who knew of a Shadowrift north west of here. The only issue is a ritual to open the rift would be required. The party decided to risk being spotted by Karnal-Noire spies and search the magic shops of Batonsburg for the ritual.

After searching through several dodgy but ultimately useless shops, the party happened upon a strange and dusty little place with a door set into a run down building sandwiched between some meat packing warehouses. A strange old tinker named Lyleman runs the store but denied having any rituals. Things got a bit crazy when Dusk picked up a brain in a jar to look at it and….it woke up and dominated his mind….forcing him to attack the party…followed by a host of undead (Flesh Scamps, Lich Claws and Slime Devils) pouring out of nothingness generated from the random magical flux stored in the multitude of oddities in the room. The party sprang into action and beat the chaotic horde back with only minimal(ish) damage to the store. Lyleman, who’d be knocked on his arse during the fray immediately pulled down a battered scroll case and gave it the party on the promise they’d leave the store and never come back.

Once outside the building, the door rolled itself up like a map and disappeared. As Batonsburgians were beginning to stare at them, the party quickly ducked off down an alley to mend their wounds and fix their disheveled attire. Balthasar peered inside the scroll case to find two intact copies of the Shadow Passage ritual. Huzzah!!


it should be noted that Dusk swore he’d never, ever pick up another brain in a jar again….

How do we get to the shadowfell?

Also, massive thanks to the wonderful Max who stepped in for one-night-only to play the forest loving druid, Peren

How do we get to the shadowfell?
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