Points of Light

In the Shadowfell. Now what?

Rhogar: wanted dead or alive

After performing the 2nd ritual of our Raven-Queen quest, Balth performs a 2nd ritual to discover the whereabouts of a lost companion called Rhogar.
After resting up by the underground shore of the black lake, the party stealthily avoided dire sharks, and began a voyage of some 4 days to their new quest destination.
Along the way they encountered numerous denizens of the shadowfell, including a battle with cannibalistic shadar-kai.
After resting up at a hmlet near the Obsidian Bog, we finally discovered the braken-arched portal that lead to a demon-bordello, where we located the petrified body of Rhogar still clutching the Ritual Tome he took with him from The Keep of the Shadowfell.
After various none-too subtle investigations, we were discovered by the now undead priest ?Khale/Malef-something? who Rhogar tackled into the shadowfell-portal and a battle with him, archer minions, and a ?horned-demonlord /minor-demon? broke out.
After eventual victory we freed Rhogar by ramming a demon-horn into his skull and escaped via the portal to the keep of the shadowfell!
Now we ponder and WTF the situation! ;-)


I think that covers it.


The Undead Priest was Kalarel. Rhogar didn’t tackle him through the Portal all those years ago, Rhogar grabbed the ritual tome he was using to force the Portal open and jumped through the Portal with it. Kalarel was dragged through by The Thing on the other side of the Portal….something with long tentacles and a vicious temper.

The horned demon, was a pretty powerful demon….with tentacles. Sounds like his father was the Lord of the Dread Realm you were in. I can’t image the next family dinner at the Dread Lord’s table will be too pleasant. The demon-horn appears to be a green crystal and it emanates abjuration and conjuration magic.

In the Shadowfell. Now what?
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