Points of Light

Knutters Gnoll

Gnoll's teeth and demon's gold

After moving on from the small Westbrace shrine to the Goddess of Luck – tended by the The White Lady the pc’s moved on towards the region outside Bress they’d been instructed to investigate.

Here they found an overturned tanners cart outside an disused farm path. They discovered recent tracks leading up the path and followed it to the ruins of a farmhouse. Pamila immediately recognised it as her family home. The stones covering her parents and siblings graves were still in tact in the front garden.

Spotting and following a small group of monsters down the bottom of a paddock, the pc’s tracked them down and fought, killing all but one. They were able to track the survivor to a hidden gold mine cut into a hill on the other side of the woods. They climbed up to a ridge and using a silence ritual, were able to remain hidden whilst observing the mine.

Dozens of gnolls and demons were teaming about, ordering dwarf slaves into the mine to dig up gold.

Medea disguised herself as one of the gnolls and entered the camp, successfully infiltrating her way into guard detail on a shipment of gold to some undisclosed destination.

Whilst Medea the Gnoll was “guarding” the transport of gold (stored in a casket floating on a disc of crackling black energy) with several other gnolls, demons and an ettin, the remainder of the pc’s followed behind at a safe distance. They attempted to distract and entice the ettin with the purpose of attacking it alone, but this failed, the guards were too focused on their duty.

The gold was transported to a secret cove on the other side of the small hill range, there, a black pirate ship waited to take possession of the casket. Medea\Gnoll had discovered that the ship plans to sail at midnight, two days hence….

how will she communicate this to her comrades, what will they do next??


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