Points of Light

Lord Venduul no more


After arriving the Abbey, the four of you were told by Sister Naenea that a young girl living with the Raven Queen sisters had visions of a dark altar shifting between two locations. The Raven Queen Exarch’s took this portent seriously, believing it to represent the Lost Altar of Dead Souls – an ancient relic which is said to exist simultaneously in both the natural world and the Shadowfell.

It was created over 1000 years ago by a necromancer who had accidentally killed his wife, to bring her back to life, although successful, she came back as a ghastly form of her previous self and he was forced to destroy her again. He took his own life on the altar. Ever since then, the altar was sought out by powerful creatures looking to take advantage of it’s necromantic and teleportation powers. The sisters of the Raven Queen had wrested control of it 200 years ago, but before they could get a chance to either protect or destroy it, the Great Cataclysm disrupted their plans and it was largely forgotten about.

Sister Naenea has asked for the party’s help to track down both entrances to the Lost Altar and secure it with a powerful warding ritual to keep it hidden from evil forces so the Raven Queen exarchs will have time to safely destroy it. The entrance from the natural plane to the Altar is believed to be hidden beneath a chapel far away in the Dawn Peaks, a small keep town named Gamithveilt closely matches the last known position of the chapel, it’s likely Gamithveilt was built up around the chapel. The entrance from within the Shadowfell is apparently at the bottom of a murky lake a few days travel from The House of Black Lanterns, a popular inn at some crossroads in the wilderness of the Shadowfell.

Passed through at least one small village and one small town en route to Gamitveilt via Phantom Steeds summoned by Balths ritual.

After several days travel, trying to keep away from larger settlements in order to avoid detection from enemy spies, you and your companions spent an evening in a small trade township named Ellermein, where half of Sanctuaries wicker products are made. Here, Medea met an old halfling who knew of the old keep at Gamithveilt, but hadn’t heard any word from there for quite some time.


Arriving at the gates, it was apparent all was not right in the keep. We failed to enter easily so tried to find another way in by ambushing some hobgoblins at a nearby guarded mine. This lead nowhere, so we spent some time reconning the keep via Medea’s shadow flight ritual. Turns out Gamithveilt had been overtaken by a troll war band, with it’s leader calling himself Lord Venduul and running the place with ruthless order.

Later we found a secret entrance and freed the imprisoned Lord Gregor from the dungeons and then proceeded to combat and defeat Lord Venduul and his troll henchmen.

Now we’re looking for an ancient chapel where the altar is believed to exist.


Thank you thank you Ben! These adventure log updates really help!!

Lord Venduul no more
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