Points of Light

Gold Mine Wrap Up and Negotiations

Now we have our cake....who has a knife?

Back in town after the mop up from the great battle, several days were spent drinking, whoring and celebrating the success of the combined forces of the Bress township and Kregor’s Voyagers.
After the dust settled, hangovers were a distant memory and Medea was able to walk again…

A meeting was called to decide the future of the mine. Medea and Balthasar, the two most diplomatic members of the the group, sat down with counsellor Brennan and Ferrick the treasurer of the township.

Brennan opened negotiations by offering that the town control the mine and the party would get 50% of the profits. Balthasar and Medea agreed with Brennan that it would be onerous for the party to have to manage the day to day operation of the mine but countered with an offer that the city was entitled to 20% with the remainder going to the party. This was not received well and after several hours of back and forth later a deal was struck…

- The Bress counsel was to control the day to day operations of the mine.
- Pamila was formally recognised as the owner of the land.
- Bruegar would be employed in a senior role at the mine.
- Medea was given a place on the Bress counsel, a replacement for the recently departed Olster.
- Raff was given assurances that Bress would assist the planning and development of a church of Avandra in the city.
- Balthasar came to an undisclosed agreement with counsellor Brennan.
- The party would receive 50% of the mine profits (approximately 18000gp per month).


From memory our transitions to paragon also occured during this time (ie. post gold mine and pre attack of kregors) Ben asked for paragon stories which I recall as being kinda like a superhero ‘awakening of new powers’ story. I will be doing some work on Balths story and will update the wiki with the result.

Gold Mine Wrap Up and Negotiations
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