Points of Light

Return to Bress after Sleeper

The party convinced Sierra, the young ex-cultist to follow them out where they could see her home. Completing the exploration of the Sleeper’s Tomb, the party found the Sleepers treasure chamber and fought off the strange and terrifying guardians….undead magically suspended from a noose and retrieved a gleaming suit of armour, a terrifying weapon – the Sleepers Maul which constantly whispers to the wielder and then shouts unholy violence at the wielders enemies in the midst of battle, the Sleeper’s collection of fine clothes, of which Raff took an impressive looking black robe adorned with sigils representing eyes, and of course several chests of gold, silver and gems.

On the journey back to Bress, the party met a group of men around a campfire who turned out to be a pack of werewolves. During the brief battle, Raff was bitten by one of the feral lyncanthropes and contracted a univerally feared disease: Moon Fever. He raced ahead to Bress (the Cleric of Avandra riding on his skeletal horse….hmmmm) to seek more dedicated healing from the temple lest he fully succumb to the disease and begin baying at the moon….or worse…

The party decided to return Sierra to her home town in the north of Sanctuary, but as Winter had set in, travel, especially by boat, was too dangerous and the trip would be delayed. The half-elf Loracaryn Chandler at the Moonsong Temple of Luck, which is at best a large shrine, bequeathed a quest to Raff to take Sierra as his ward until she was of sound mind, body and temperament to explore the world on her own, making her own decisions with the Lady of Luck as her ally.


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