Points of Light

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams

Adventure background:

Just over a hundred years ago, two armies met in a cataclysmic conflict that threatened to destroy both sides. A dark paladin favoured by his deity (The Raven Queen) led one force. At the head of the other army stood something worse—a creature of greater wickedness whose master possessed far darker aims for the world. Knowing that a battle between the assembled hosts would devastate both, the leaders met in single combat. The loser’s army would forfeit the field and disband. The result was a fluke of fate: The evil generals killed one another simultaneously.

  • Met Raven Queen followers
  • Tripped through snow covered wood, fought some skeletons
  • Battled over a frozen river
  • Fought the guards above a great stone face set into the top of a hill
  • Searched the bottom floor of the main entrance to the cult lair
  • Found a skeletal horse, Raff put saddle on it and* rode around
  • Medea accidentally activated some animated balistae
  • Explored the top level of the main entrance
  • fought the 3 faced guardian and a bunch of ghouls


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