Points of Light

The Lost Altar of the Dead Souls

One down, one to go

After defeating Lord Venduul in an epic battle inside the keep’s throne room, the new heir of Gamithveilt, Lord Gregor (son of the recently slain Lady Eva) took up his mantle and held a celebration in honor of their liberation. The PC’s (you guys need a name….or imma just gonna have someone make one up and it will be something like The Shadow Knights) were the guests of honor and enjoyed revelling far into the night….some farther than others….in fact Dusk was kept awake all night by an eager, but devilishly ruthless maiden Redilla.

The next morning, Lord Gregor led the party through a secret panel behind the throne which led down into musky, old chapel. Pulling up the mismatching mosaic on the chapel floor, they discovered a rough cut tunnel with a rusty ladder which led deep down into some underground caverns. Gregor was disturbed that there could be an unknown entrance into the keep and insisted he join the pc’s in their investigation. The pc’s trusted Gregor with the tale of the Lost of Altar of Dead Souls and impressed upon him the importance of keeping the secret, he earnestly agreed.

The caverns contained several dead-ends, finally leading to an iron bound wooden door with a large iron ring and no key hole. As it was locked, Balthasar forced a mighty knock spell which shook off the ancient enchantments and the door swung open revealing an eerie chamber. The chamber was dominated by an enormous slab of black stone, inlaid with unintelligble silver glyphs. As Balthasar was investigating the glyphs, the door slammed shut and several wraiths appeared to attack the party “Thou who have entered here will not leave!”


After a vicious and near-death battle, all the wraiths were vanquished….but the cost will be heavy, every pc reached the dark depths of their soul, some came out permanently damaged.


But the real task was to secure the part of the Altar residing in the Natural Plane. The sisters of The Raven Queen had supplied the party with two Ritual Scrolls of Forbiddance which will keep the cavern hidden from scrying….unfortunately, the casting of the ritual on the scroll costs 5,000 gp, plus 5 healing surges….

Using a Ritual Scroll: A ritual scroll holds one use of a particular ritual. You can perform a scroll’s ritual even if you don’t have the Ritual Caster feat, regardless of the level of the ritual. You still have to expend the components and supply any focus required by the ritual, and you can enlist your allies’ assistance. Once you have finished performing the ritual on a scroll, the scroll turns to dust. If the ritual is interrupted, the scroll remains intact.


We’ve talked about a party name once before (and I’ve done web research).
Essentially ASFAIK “we don’t want a name”.
A name would;
1) give the enemy a target
2) create problems if anyone did not like the name
I think it is enough that some “individuals” in our party may have their own notoriety
eg. Medea salacious quirks, her involvement with the council of Bress, and the time she spends carousing with “sailors” while making modifications to our ship, may already be causing a stir…
Likewise Balth has his reputation as the new owner of the Museo Tower

But yes it is possible that if we do not choose a name then “the public” may do it for us…

The Lost Altar of the Dead Souls

Kregor’s Avengers?

The Lost Altar of the Dead Souls
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