Points of Light

The Verbeeg

When is an enemy not an enemy?

  • Left haunted abandoned shack and continued north-east-ish on a new batch of summoned horses
  • Wasted about a day getting lost in the wilderness
  • Split up into two groups (Balthasar and Medea in the first group; with Dusk and Pamila in the second group)
  • Balthasar and Medea Spotted some bugbears dragging a deer, then followed at a distance until the bugbears reached their encampment. Deciding against interacting with a potentially dangerous band of local monsters they continued on
  • Medea transformed herself into a swarm of bats and flew up above the treeline to get a better view of the terrain. Spotting a building far into the distance towards the north-east they corrected their course and forged ahead, sending an Animal Messenger (a small rabbit with a wet nose and large brown eyes) to the other two letting them know which direction to head
  • Late afternoon, Balth and Medea spotted some drag marks leading off into the bushes and followed.Gaarg
  • Creeping cautiously into a clearing, they were ambushed by two reptilian creatures and an large humanoid with mottled brown-green skin covered in green moss-like hair with a cunning gleam in his eyes.
  • During the battle that followed, the mystical fey giant, a verbeeg named Gaarg ,revealed he had kidnapped three acolytes of the Raven Queen abbey and wished to parley for their lives. Negotiations broke down and Gaarg was subdued. Balthsar revived him with a potion of healing.
  • Gaarg agreed to lead the pc’s to his kidnap victims. On the way there, he explained he had been cast out of his clan and wished to one day return, with boosted magical powers, and take over leadership from the brutal Kalaarg, who had been leading the clan on wanton raids of nearby townships unnecessarily. Gaarg wanted to move the clan further into the Trollhaunt Mountains and live self-sufficiently without relying on raiding for food. Balthasar took pity on the fey creature and showed him how to brew a Potion of Invulnerability in exchange for the giant’s service for a year and a day.
  • They released the three Raven Queen acolytes: Bryne, Arthurna and Marget who would show the pc’s the way back to the Abbey. Arthurna remembered Medea from the adventure at the Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams.
  • Whilst not agreeing with the tactics of assisting their kidnappers, the acolytes were very grateful for being rescued and offered the pc’s some baubles they’d managed to keep hidden from the menacing troglodyte creatures: A marble gemstone decorated with gith runes (worth 2000 GP); and 4 highly polished black pearl gemstones suffused with elemental energy (worth 250 GP each)
    Raven queen acolyte


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