Eladrin Wizard


Balths items are here.

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Balth can be both simple and complex to run, depending on a Players intentions.

Simply, he is a sterotypical Eladrin Wizard specialising in wands, but for two distinctive traits being; on occasion talking to invisible “magic spirits” when casting or roleplaying, and also being obsessed with artefacts (treasure types) of “archaeological” significance.

Complexly, he has a plethora of obessions and interests that enage his mightly intellect;

  • Balthasar has a mysterious past and has only rarely hinted at his upbringing among the Eladrin of the Fey Isles
  • Spy Network…
  • The Museo / The Lab
  • The party (unmaned), The Villa, Kregors…
  • The Ship (name?)

Character Information

(as per sections dnd pc sheets)

Personality Traints

At times arrogant and aloof, at others obsessed and otherworldly.

Mannerisms and Appearance


Companions and Allies

Don Bresciano, White Lady, etc
The Verbeeg called Gaarg
Gregor of Gamithveilt

Session and Campaign Notes

See PC file/sheet.


Balthasar is a male eladrin wizard. Eladrin are also sometimes known as “grey elves”, whose origin is The Feywild.

Notable possessions:

His fine gentlemanly attire.
Assorted Wands. Several silver daggers. A deprepit old staff (sometimes).
Various books of Spells, Rituals and Ancient Lore. (Some stored with Kregor in Bress).
Balthasar most recently studied with Master Meegosh, a magus allied with Kregor’s Voyagers, although prior to his arrival he was no stranger to magic.

RP notes:
It is assumed by his accent and quirky nature that he was born and raised somewhere on the Fey Isles, possibly into a well-to-do family based on his expensive attire and tastes.

Whilst apprenticing with Kregor, Balthasar befriended many of the other students of adventuring arts. Some of the observations they made of Balthasar were;

He seems to talk to himself and vacant spaces on occasion, often chiding so-called spirits who are vexing him
He is a bookworm, precious about tomes of lore and rambles on about lost ruins and antiques
Occasionally when inspired or provoked he rants a lot about the things that stir his emotions
A few times during his studies he received bad news about his former eladrin relatives and friends, but would not discuss the matters further
His first mission was to rescue a missing band of adventurers from a rival company, a quest he undertook with fellow apprentices Raff, Rhogar, Orlando and later Pamila.
For more ramblings refer to Balthasars Observations.


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