A proud Verbeeg mystic


Gaarg is a proud Verbeeg seeking to usurp power from his clan’s leader, the mighty and tyrannical Kalaarg, ruler of a small tribe of giants in the Trollhaunt mountains. Gaarg, a cunning verbeeg with some mystical powers, he had been cast out of the clan for standing up to Kalaarg, but was beaten with brute strength.

He fled and secluded himself away in a cave north of the Warwood. There he hatched a plan to use magic to improve his combat prowess so he could one day return and take over the clan and lead them out of wanton destruction and into a new age of intelligence.

He had kidnapped three acolytes of The Raven Queen, believing they were witches, and attempted to force them to show him how to make a magic potion to make himself invincible. When they refused, he set a trap for two magi wandering lost in the wilderness, seeking to bargain for the witches lives in exchange for knowledge. It turns out the two magi were Balthasar and Medea, who eventually subdued Gaarg – he agreed to lead them to the witches. Balthasar took pity on Gaarg’s story and showed him how to make a Potion of Invulnerability in exchange for fealty for one year and a day.

Balthasar now has an impressive ally he may call on for service.



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