Elven Ranger


Honeybee has a exuberant personality, always friendly and often approaches the world with an innocent wonder that belies her deadly martial prowess with the bow. Bee is never happier than when hearing tales of adventure from crusty old adventurers or travellers from distant lands and cultures. Her wanderlust has taken her from her island home of Alpenwoede to the mainland of Sanctuary.

Recently Honeybee recieved a message from a close friend that her daughter Sierra was missing and had been influenced by mysterious fanatics and was in possible danger. While journeying to the forest where fanatics were rumored to lair, Bee passed through the White Lotus Academy where she met a group of elite adventurers. After some conversation they agreed to share some of the road towards Bress.

On the way they met some followers of the Raven Queen who were assailed by the fanatics Bee was seeking. The adventurers and Bee decided to work together to stop the fantics plans. After many adventures the fanatics were overcome and Sierra was rescued.

Bee and her new companions have since journeyed to Bress.


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