Tiefling Antagonist


Orest is a cunning and devious Tiefling who seems to be in the employ of a powerful Orcus Cult.

He is a despicable character whom the party have met on several occasions:

  • First, in the slave mines far north of Winterhaven near Narrowlief where Don Bresciano’s children had been kidnapped. He escaped through a secret exit leading out into the forest and got away.
  • Then caught up during the Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams – Final Battle. Sierra had been part of the cult and knows little of Orest, only that all of them were afraid of him, he came and went as he pleased through some magical portal in the wall
  • Then deep inside the volcanic gold smelting works during Raid on the Pirate Isle. There he disappeared again through a magical portal in the wall.

Orest prefers to stay out of battle, and then only skirts on the edge of it, striking with combat advantage when he can to take out the most dangerous foes. He always seems to leave a losing battle.


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