Paladin of Kord


Pamila was the third of four children to Regdar and Ana. She had two brothers, Alek was the eldest and Erik, and a younger sister Eliza.

Ana was the house caregiver while Regdar maintained and managed the farm. Alek and Erik had fought amongst themselves but ultimately looked up to their father Regdar and respected their mother. Eliza was the apple of everyone’s eye, still a baby in terms of the world and never far from her mother’s side.

Pamila was the mediator between her brothers with Regdar and Ana’s backing. She was respected in her own right for her diplomatic nature and her readiness to take arms especially to protect Eliza as she’d taken it upon herself to look after her and ward away any evils thrown their way as a family.

That same temperament had caught the attention of one of the neighbouring elves and they soon became paramours unbeknownst to everyone else.

On a small farm outside Bress

As the storm brewed and salt from the ripping coastal spray tore at her bare cheeks, Pamila was brought back to the family home having crept out earlier for, what turned out to be her last, dalliance with her Elven lover.

What Pamila saw upon her return shocked her down to her very soul leaving her only to stare in horror as the gnoll tribe slaughtered her family.

Pamila ploughWeaponless Pamila, taking cover behind a plough, scrunched up tight into a ball and desperately whispered an utterance to Kord, the Storm Lord, for it all to end.

Just then the gnoll captain, a huge beast with vicious slavering jaws found her and raised his massive broadsword with a malevolent grin. Pamila panicked and screamed out her oath again “Kord help me!!!”

There was an ear splitting crack of thunder and a brilliant flash. A bolt of lighting burst from the swirling clouds and tore into the gnoll captain who let out a bloodcurdling scream and then dropped to the ground, a smoking carcass.

After a few moments of disbelief, Pamila bent to pick up the gnolls sword – it was still uncomfortably warm. The other gnolls saw her standing over their captain, sword in hand, and howled before taking their leave, they’d had their fun.

Pamila dropped to one knee and swore an oath to Kord to serve him for the rest of her days. Then she collapsed to the ground.

Casca with armor resized

When Pamila woke the harsh sun was beating down upon her. As she rose from the smoking ground, still smouldering before her was the corpse of the gnoll captain, his sword lying at her feet.

With tears in her eyes, she buried her family’s remains and intoned a blessing to Kord asking that he watch over them in the afterlife, keeping them safe from the evil gods Asmodeus, of the Nine Hells, and Vecna, of the undead.

Pamila collected herself and filled with a new resolve, picked up the gnoll captain’s sword and struck out to find a temple of Kord to offer her eternal gratitude in his service.


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