weapon (melee)

Aecris: This beautiful weapon is inlaid with platinum. A line of 3 white diamonds are set into the flat of the blade. The pomel is carved to resemble the head of a noble dragon
“For great justice! Evil doers tremble in my presence!”
Weapon: +2 Longsword
Enhancement: +2 Attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +2d6 damage, +2d10 vs evil enemies.
Power (Daily): Free Action. When you drop an evil enemy to 0 hit points, you gain one Healing Surge
Power (At-Will • Radiant): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is radiant damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Until the end of your next turn, each creature marked by you cannot make an attack that does not include you.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. You can use this ability when an ally within 5 squares of you is attacked. The attack misses all of your allies it targets, but automatically hits you even if you weren’t a target of the attack.
Property: This weapon gives off dim light in a 2 square radius like a torch unless covered and sheathed.


Aecris is inlaid with platinum. It has a line of three white diamonds set into the flat of its blade and a pommel carved to resemble the head of a noble dragon. On one side of the blade is inscribed: “In the light, life thrives, perseveres, and endures against the darkness.” On the other side of the blade: “Our Lady of Silver, give us strength to stand against the darkness and face the night with vigilance and bravery.”

Aecris was the personal weapon of Sir Keegan, the former commander of what is now known as the Keep on the Shadowfell. After encountering his ghost in the bowels of the Keep, he passed the weapon to the party to use in cleansing the Keep of its current dark inhabitants. Aecris is currently wielded by the Paladin Pamila


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