Raff's Items


Magic Items
Stone of Avandra+2 (Holy Symbol) (L8, 3,400gp)
Thunderwave Staff+2 (Weapon) (L8,3,400gp)
Bracers of Respite (Arm Slot) (L2, 520gp)
Diadem of Acuity (Head slot) (L8, 3,400gp)
Dreamstone amulet 3 Protection +3, no -5 penalty to awake while sleeping, daily to remove blinded and gain blindsight
Scale Armour
2 (will update shortly)

Bag of Holding (L5,1000gp -Party Item)
Potion of Healing x4 (L5 50gp ea)

Undead Skeletal Horse (with Saddle) ??


Gloves of the Healer (L12)
Torc of Power Preservation (L15)

Sandals of Avandra Level 25
These airy, corded foot coverings allow you to move past even the
largest and most dangerous enemies.
Item Slot: Feet 625,000 gp
Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to speed.
Power (At-Will): Move Action. Shift a number of squares
equal to half your speed.
Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Until the end of your
next turn, your movement does not provoke opportunity


- The DreamStone Amulet was found in the treasure room of the Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
- The Amulet of Health was a gift from my parents as I set off into the world, this treasured item has procted me many times and I Thanks Avandra every day for the wisdom of my beloved parents.

- My Thunderwave Staff was rescued from an evil cleric during a daring and successful mission to save the children of Don Bresciano

- Diadem of Acuity (need to find where I got this can’t remember)

- My Armour is Scale Armour, Salvaged from the tomb of dreams while putting an end to the evil sleeper Prophecy

- Raffs holy symbol “THE STONE OF AVANDRA” was created through the holy might of Avandra with the help of a good friend, Balthazar, who also created Raffs Bracers of Respite

My latest curiosity is and Undead Skeletal Horse our party stumbled upon in the Tomb of Dreams, that came alive when I put the Saddle on it and has been following me around… I have yet to figure out what “Calypso” is capable of…

Raff's Items

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