Points of Light

The Auspex
...but I thought we were looking for the All Spark?

Unicorn black mountain unicorn

  • Unicorn appears out of a breach in space
  • Introduces itself as the Auspex – a fey lord with preternatural clairvoyant abilities
  • Shows the pc’s a series of scenes:
    • a tall, muscular warrior in gleaming black armour, flanked by ettins & barlguras opening a large casket of gold at the feet of an enormous bluish and white giant sitting on a throne in a great hall of ice
    • A small group of robed and hooded creatures approach a portal glowing with runes, one of them traces a pattern across the runes which flare. Purple smoke coalesces within the portal, they step through without hesitation and vanish.
    • a familiar tiefling leading a group of thugs dressed in Bress military uniforms raiding into a street which seems to be filled with dragonborn
    • a priestly looking creature in fine but gruesome black robes making a deal with a drow
    • a brutal battle in a resplendent hall, there are many dead creatures, but still more fighting. Upon a raised dais, a poweful looking creature in black and purple robes is battling a superhuman undead creature with fangs. The robed creature catches the undead off guard and almost too quick for you to see whips out a wooden stake and drives it into the creatures chest, it crumples to the ground in front of a stone sarcophagus and disapates into a mist. The robed creature surveys the battle and the turns to the sarcophagus, with great effort, it moves the stone covering and reaches inside…..slowly and carefully withdrawing a thin, dark tome"Los muertos se levantan"
  • Auspex said “It would seem your enemy is moving quickly and across great distances, using the very mechanism man has been prevented from using by the gods themselves. It is likely one who is aspiring to become a god is subverting the rules for his followers to gain an advantage over you”
  • Auspex bestowed a Ring of Premonition on the party. Balthasar took this and is wearing it.
  • The PC’s sent a Sending message to Sierra:

“Tiefling attacking Skandium disguised as Bress, warn Brennan, Bresciano, White Lady, against giants, drow, wizards, undead and more. enemies gathering.”

  • Sierra’s response:

“oh my, what was that, oh, Balthasar, is that you? Hello? I don’t understand but I’ll tell them. Are you ok?? Do you need some”

  • Cast spell to summon faster horses, left real horses behind
  • First night were attacked by a small band of goblins who were easily defeated
  • Second night, party stayed in an abandoned shack
  • A farmer and his wife begged for shelter. The pc’s invited them in an proceeded to brag to the farmer and his wife of his exploits for several hours before the farmer and his wife transformed into vampires and attacked!!!

Happy Friday 13th!!!

Where are we going
We're off on an adventure!

were going on an adventure

  • Leaving Winterhaven
  • Walking through forest
  • Scared off a bear
  • Got jumped by a displacer beast and some Su monsters
  • Met Halkon, a dryad who had heard of the Auspex
  • Balthasar set a beacon and discovered some leylines
  • Won a skill challege: wandering through the forest
  • Found The Heart of the Forest, a clearing surrounded by 9 standing stones
  • Configured the standing stones to resonate to the leylines
  • A trap was sprung on the party, they solved\fought their way out of Darkness and Light
  • A unicorn appears in the clearing
Valthuran will know what the fuck is going on
because we don't
  • Raff’s soul does not willingly return during Sierra’s Raise Dead spell. His remains are buried under the new temple to avandra
  • Sierra introduces the party to Dusk, a half-elf barbarian with trust and anger issues
  • The party decides to travel to Winterhaven to seek out Valthuran for answers on this mysterious “Auspex” mentioned in Kregor’s journal
  • The party met a travelling merchant, Hawk – a flamboyant Tiefling who offered the party some maps to flesh out their collection. the party declined
  • The party met a swarthy group of dark dwarves and a fight ensued Duergar   eva widermann
  • The pc’s met Valthuran in Winterhaven, he was also with The White Lady
  • Valthuran looked, tired, old and hagard. His usual spark seemed dimmed with sadness.

Valthuran had been corresponding with Kregor over a plan to track down whoever was behind the recent events: – the kidnapping ring – the gold mine and gold smelting operation on the volcano island – the very puzzling discovery of the teleportation devices – the disturbing signs of a possible larger Orcus cult than the one discovered in Shadowfell Keep – all attempts to scry on them have been fruitless, verily, Meegosh only recently discovered they had been spying on you all – hence his development of a ritual to ward them off….

Valthuran’s tale

We believe that an ancient organisation named Karnal Noire is behind this, or at least a group trying to emulate them – based on the tattoos and insignature found on fallen enemies. Our information is sketchy, as it is really only the Elves of Alpenwoede would be able to confirm this story (but they don’t converse with us), but here is what we think:

* The entire land was founded by the great Neerath Empire which collapse around 200 years ago
* 30 years of war prior to this had taken it’s toll on the Empire, there was constant invasions by two rival nations – the Doutrine and Wraigan.
* The Doutrine had been supposedly propped up by a huge conglomeration of Orcus-worshipping cultists named Karnal-Noire
* The Wraigons recognised an opportunity and attacked at a critical moment, believing that both Neerath and the Doutrines would wipe each other out and they alone would be left standing to rule
* Neerath beat back and defeated both foes in an almighty final battle of epic magical proportions, but when the dust had cleared, the land was laid to waste, and indeed changed forever. A once great mountain range between Alphenwode and Sanctuary was swallowed into the sea
* 20 years of famine and disease followed, wiping out almost every last survivor. Neerath fell, and the night swallowed up civilisation.
* If this is true that Karnal Noire has risen, then the future of Sanctuary, and indeed the Archipelego is dire.

Old wizard by faustissima d3094f2

The White Lady and I had discovered the possible existance of a Fey being named The Auspex. We have no idea who or what it is, but we believe it to be a powerful creature, reportedly in possession of the gift of clairvoyance beyond that of men, who could help us discover Karnal Noire’s plans

  • The party decided they’d need to learn more about the Auspex in order to track it down, in the mean time, they’ll head to the Abbey north of the Warwood to meet the Sisters of The Raven Queen who had requested Kregor’s help
Welcome to Paragon

BOOOM!!!! Welcome to Paragon bitches.

Whilst having dinner with our former employer at the Kregor’s Voyagers, the establishment was attacked by a number of ‘molten demons’, the gnoll chieftain (from the mines 3 months earlier), and a beholder with rotting flesh.

The party focused on taking down the gnoll champion whilst the beholder was temporarily obscured from the battle by one of Balthasar’s stinking cloud spells. As soon as the beholder could put itself in a position where it could see everyone, it’s multiple eye ray attacks reeked havoc on the party…..Medea was turned to stone and Balthasar was blinded, effectively leaving Raff and Kregor alone to try and hold off the relentless and brutal attacks of the wicked gnoll and the magma demons. Eventually, once the gnoll, Raff and Kregor were felled, the beholder became bored and took his leave with one of the magma demons to cause more destruction elsewhere, leaving the other magma demon to keep the ailing Medea and Balth busy. By now the entire den was on fire, Medea had fallen unconscious and finally Balthasar, on his own, was able to bring down the last magma demon.

Beholder flat

At the end of the battle Kregor and Raff had been slain, the beholder and some molten demons had escaped, and several other adventurers from Kregors had also been slain, including Meegosh, Brennan Juvellianor – the half-elf acrobat and gambler, Alandar and Donn the human fighters and some of the house staff.

With his dying words Kregor said: “The Auspex….seek ye out the Auspex….it will show you what Karnal Noire is up to….you have to stop them….in….my room…”

A good portion of Kregor’s manor itself has been consumed by fire, Meegosh’s room was destroyed by an explosion of his magical components. A flaming beam fell in Kregor’s room smashing open his desk, Balthasar was able to save Kregor’s leatherbound journal before it was completely lost to the fire. Medea and Balthasar retrieved as many bodies of the slain as they could, as well as a few items of value or significance. They also assisted in putting out the fire.

Once stock was taken of the survivors, the dead were taken to the Moonsong Temple of Luck, where the unconscious Sierra had already been taken. Taylor, the young acolyte of Avandra, revived Sierra who examined the dead and pronounced that Raff could possibly be revived by using residuum to the value of 5000gp. While the components were gathered Medea and Balth also studied Kregors Journal, which detailed the sum of his gathered intelligence on the doings of a ancient sect of cultists called Karnal Noire, and more clues as follows:

  • he’d been tracking the movements of several groups of gnolls, bugbears, orcs and goblins, slavers and bandits
  • several underlined references to something called The Auspex, information which appears to have been supplied by Valthuran
  • Kregor had been planning a trip to Winterhaven shortly to meet Valthuran
  • pieces of a note from Sister Naenia, the Raven Queen priestess, requesting Kregor send the party to visit her at their temple outside Marsyna
  • Reports of some unusual military activity in Scandium, the great barren lands to the south, along with reports of growing civil unrest

Several days and disenchant rituals later the components were gathererd and the ritual of raise dead performed…will Raff’s soul return to his broken and charred body?

Gold Mine Wrap Up and Negotiations
Now we have our cake....who has a knife?

Back in town after the mop up from the great battle, several days were spent drinking, whoring and celebrating the success of the combined forces of the Bress township and Kregor’s Voyagers.
After the dust settled, hangovers were a distant memory and Medea was able to walk again…

A meeting was called to decide the future of the mine. Medea and Balthasar, the two most diplomatic members of the the group, sat down with counsellor Brennan and Ferrick the treasurer of the township.

Brennan opened negotiations by offering that the town control the mine and the party would get 50% of the profits. Balthasar and Medea agreed with Brennan that it would be onerous for the party to have to manage the day to day operation of the mine but countered with an offer that the city was entitled to 20% with the remainder going to the party. This was not received well and after several hours of back and forth later a deal was struck…

- The Bress counsel was to control the day to day operations of the mine.
- Pamila was formally recognised as the owner of the land.
- Bruegar would be employed in a senior role at the mine.
- Medea was given a place on the Bress counsel, a replacement for the recently departed Olster.
- Raff was given assurances that Bress would assist the planning and development of a church of Avandra in the city.
- Balthasar came to an undisclosed agreement with counsellor Brennan.
- The party would receive 50% of the mine profits (approximately 18000gp per month).

Knutters Gnoll - The Final Battle
"Woah, it's an entire horde of Gnolls and Demons", "Is that all? Oh thank Avandra, I was afraid this was going to be difficult"

After escaping their gnoll captors deep in the gold mine, freeing a dozen dwarves and then taking down the brutal Ettin guard, Kregor’s adventurers emerged from the mine into bright sunshine only to look upon the fearsome sight of easily over a hundred gnolls and demons in the hidden ravine.


They watched and waited for over an hour until they could hear the sounds of the Bress militia attacking from the other side. While the freed dwarves charged into the fray to take out one of the other Ettins, the party took on the massive gnoll leader and his captains.

Gnoll chieftain

Medea had disguised herself as a gnoll and snuck around to the left to pick off easy prey. Belthasar controlled the battlefield with his Stinking Cloud and Icy Terrain spells. Pamila and Raff took the brunt of the remaining attacks and kept everyone safe with their infallible healing.

The Bress militia and gnoll\demon armies clashed mightly, with both sides taking heavy causalities, but as the final demon fell, the great gnoll leader knew the mine was lost and made his escape down a secret tunnel underneath his hut.

The victors raised weary and bloody arms and took stock of their losses. Councillor Brennan survived, but with debilitating wounds to his leg, he’ll likely never walk again. Nevertheless, his heroic defense of the archers saved several lives and potentially made the difference. Kregor himself of course survived, collecting a new set of scars to impress the madame at Joppie’s Tavern. The leader of the city guard, Kyril Godsworn, took life threatening injuries and may not make it through the night; Lucky has been by his side watching over him with a grave look on his face.

There will be mothers and wives in mourning in Bress following this epic battle, but their son’s sacrifice will go a long way to solidify the city states strength and growth now the gold mine has been secured – but do Kregor’s adventurers feel the same way?

Battle by at arts

Battle at the Gnoll Slave Mines

NB. This recollection will be very flakey

Apparently (while in Bress?) we came up with some plan to get captured by Gnoll Slavers and then free the slaves in the mines and mount a slave revolt just prior to Allies from Bress arriving to reinforce us.

From memory all went according to the plan;
- we overcame our guards and reamred ourselves from a hidden bag of holding
- we freed the dwarf miners and mounted the revolt proceeding to the surface (overcoming an ettin en-route)
- we battled demons and gnolls and other beasties and were victorious

PS. I may add detail later – once Ben corects what I’ve already posted

Raid on thePirate Isle

NB. I can’t recall if this was before or after White Lady etc. After is my guess based on the last post.

I think some clue may have led us to obtaining a map or directions to the Pirate Isle. Very sketchy here…

Regardless we sailed off to obtain more intelligence on the plots of our enemy.
At some point I think there was a Pirate/Gnoll Vessel battle.
At some point there was a Kraken battle.
We eventually found the island.
We raided the pirate/gnoll lair. There were some hijinks as we pretended to be human pirates.

Perhaps we somehow gained some more intel about a gnoll slave mine here?

I can’t recall if we made it back to Bress afterwards (pretty sure we did) or just went straight to the slave mine.

PS. Ben, As you can see above, after not playing for so long, I barely recall any of the detail of what we did.

Knutters Gnoll
Gnoll's teeth and demon's gold

After moving on from the small Westbrace shrine to the Goddess of Luck – tended by the The White Lady the pc’s moved on towards the region outside Bress they’d been instructed to investigate.

Here they found an overturned tanners cart outside an disused farm path. They discovered recent tracks leading up the path and followed it to the ruins of a

Return to Bress after Sleeper

The party convinced Sierra, the young ex-cultist to follow them out where they could see her home. Completing the exploration of the Sleeper’s Tomb, the party found the Sleepers treasure chamber and fought off the strange and terrifying guardians….undead magically suspended from a noose and retrieved a gleaming suit of


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