Points of Light

Knutters Gnoll
Gnoll's teeth and demon's gold

After moving on from the small Westbrace shrine to the Goddess of Luck – tended by the The White Lady the pc’s moved on towards the region outside Bress they’d been instructed to investigate.

Here they found an overturned tanners cart outside an disused farm path. They discovered recent tracks leading up the path and followed it to the ruins of a

Return to Bress after Sleeper

The party convinced Sierra, the young ex-cultist to follow them out where they could see her home. Completing the exploration of the Sleeper’s Tomb, the party found the Sleepers treasure chamber and fought off the strange and terrifying guardians….undead magically suspended from a noose and retrieved a gleaming suit of

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams - Final Battle

Only the final battle remains.

In corridor outside the Eyeball Room, a secret trapdoor hangs down from the roof. A hook pulls down a ladder which leads to a cold, rough-cut but foot worn corridor which comes out in a hidden door in the Ballistae room

Bruegar was there waiting at the bottom of the rope having become worried at why the party were taking so long.

december 2011 session
session krug december 2011

Deeper into the dungeon of the Astronomical Cult.
Headed left at first junction and found a torture chamber, replete with rack and iron maiden.
Tortured (eyeless) bald prisoner (?), says Raff of Avandra is “no friend of Volkanth”. Raff then moved to close “The Book” that was sitting on a pedestal, but beforeraching his destination, the
man screams and two humanoid berzsrker monsters apperar fron his eyes, with sickle tattoos wielding greatswords.

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams

Adventure background:

Just over a hundred years ago, two armies met in a cataclysmic conflict that threatened to destroy both sides. A dark paladin favoured by his deity (The Raven Queen) led one force. At the head of the other army stood something worse—a creature of greater wickedness whose master possessed far darker aims for the world. Knowing that a battle between the assembled hosts would devastate both, the leaders met in single combat. The loser’s army would forfeit the field and disband. The result was a fluke of fate: The evil generals killed one another simultaneously.

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