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Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams

Adventure background:

Just over a hundred years ago, two armies met in a cataclysmic conflict that threatened to destroy both sides. A dark paladin favoured by his deity (The Raven Queen) led one force. At the head of the other army stood something worse—a creature of greater wickedness whose master possessed far darker aims for the world. Knowing that a battle between the assembled hosts would devastate both, the leaders met in single combat. The loser’s army would forfeit the field and disband. The result was a fluke of fate: The evil generals killed one another simultaneously.

december 2011 session
session krug december 2011

Deeper into the dungeon of the Astronomical Cult.
Headed left at first junction and found a torture chamber, replete with rack and iron maiden.
Tortured (eyeless) bald prisoner (?), says Raff of Avandra is “no friend of Volkanth”. Raff then moved to close “The Book” that was sitting on a pedestal, but beforeraching his destination, the
man screams and two humanoid berzsrker monsters apperar fron his eyes, with sickle tattoos wielding greatswords.

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams - Final Battle

Only the final battle remains.

In corridor outside the Eyeball Room, a secret trapdoor hangs down from the roof. A hook pulls down a ladder which leads to a cold, rough-cut but foot worn corridor which comes out in a hidden door in the Ballistae room

Bruegar was there waiting at the bottom of the rope having become worried at why the party were taking so long.

Return to Bress after Sleeper

The party convinced Sierra, the young ex-cultist to follow them out where they could see her home. Completing the exploration of the Sleeper’s Tomb, the party found the Sleepers treasure chamber and fought off the strange and terrifying guardians….undead magically suspended from a noose and retrieved a gleaming suit of

Knutters Gnoll
Gnoll's teeth and demon's gold

After moving on from the small Westbrace shrine to the Goddess of Luck – tended by the The White Lady the pc’s moved on towards the region outside Bress they’d been instructed to investigate.

Here they found an overturned tanners cart outside an disused farm path. They discovered recent tracks leading up the path and followed it to the ruins of a

Raid on thePirate Isle

NB. I can’t recall if this was before or after White Lady etc. After is my guess based on the last post.

I think some clue may have led us to obtaining a map or directions to the Pirate Isle. Very sketchy here…

Regardless we sailed off to obtain more intelligence on the plots of our enemy.
At some point I think there was a Pirate/Gnoll Vessel battle.
At some point there was a Kraken battle.
We eventually found the island.
We raided the pirate/gnoll lair. There were some hijinks as we pretended to be human pirates.

Perhaps we somehow gained some more intel about a gnoll slave mine here?

I can’t recall if we made it back to Bress afterwards (pretty sure we did) or just went straight to the slave mine.

PS. Ben, As you can see above, after not playing for so long, I barely recall any of the detail of what we did.

Battle at the Gnoll Slave Mines

NB. This recollection will be very flakey

Apparently (while in Bress?) we came up with some plan to get captured by Gnoll Slavers and then free the slaves in the mines and mount a slave revolt just prior to Allies from Bress arriving to reinforce us.

From memory all went according to the plan;
- we overcame our guards and reamred ourselves from a hidden bag of holding
- we freed the dwarf miners and mounted the revolt proceeding to the surface (overcoming an ettin en-route)
- we battled demons and gnolls and other beasties and were victorious

PS. I may add detail later – once Ben corects what I’ve already posted

Knutters Gnoll - The Final Battle
"Woah, it's an entire horde of Gnolls and Demons", "Is that all? Oh thank Avandra, I was afraid this was going to be difficult"

After escaping their gnoll captors deep in the gold mine, freeing a dozen dwarves and then taking down the brutal Ettin guard, Kregor’s adventurers emerged from the mine into bright sunshine only to look upon the fearsome sight of easily over a hundred gnolls and demons in the hidden ravine.


They watched and waited for over an hour until they could hear the sounds of the Bress militia attacking from the other side. While the freed dwarves charged into the fray to take out one of the other Ettins, the party took on the massive gnoll leader and his captains.

Gnoll chieftain

Medea had disguised herself as a gnoll and snuck around to the left to pick off easy prey. Belthasar controlled the battlefield with his Stinking Cloud and Icy Terrain spells. Pamila and Raff took the brunt of the remaining attacks and kept everyone safe with their infallible healing.

The Bress militia and gnoll\demon armies clashed mightly, with both sides taking heavy causalities, but as the final demon fell, the great gnoll leader knew the mine was lost and made his escape down a secret tunnel underneath his hut.

The victors raised weary and bloody arms and took stock of their losses. Councillor Brennan survived, but with debilitating wounds to his leg, he’ll likely never walk again. Nevertheless, his heroic defense of the archers saved several lives and potentially made the difference. Kregor himself of course survived, collecting a new set of scars to impress the madame at Joppie’s Tavern. The leader of the city guard, Kyril Godsworn, took life threatening injuries and may not make it through the night; Lucky has been by his side watching over him with a grave look on his face.

There will be mothers and wives in mourning in Bress following this epic battle, but their son’s sacrifice will go a long way to solidify the city states strength and growth now the gold mine has been secured – but do Kregor’s adventurers feel the same way?

Battle by at arts

Gold Mine Wrap Up and Negotiations
Now we have our cake....who has a knife?

Back in town after the mop up from the great battle, several days were spent drinking, whoring and celebrating the success of the combined forces of the Bress township and Kregor’s Voyagers.
After the dust settled, hangovers were a distant memory and Medea was able to walk again…

A meeting was called to decide the future of the mine. Medea and Balthasar, the two most diplomatic members of the the group, sat down with counsellor Brennan and Ferrick the treasurer of the township.

Brennan opened negotiations by offering that the town control the mine and the party would get 50% of the profits. Balthasar and Medea agreed with Brennan that it would be onerous for the party to have to manage the day to day operation of the mine but countered with an offer that the city was entitled to 20% with the remainder going to the party. This was not received well and after several hours of back and forth later a deal was struck…

- The Bress counsel was to control the day to day operations of the mine.
- Pamila was formally recognised as the owner of the land.
- Bruegar would be employed in a senior role at the mine.
- Medea was given a place on the Bress counsel, a replacement for the recently departed Olster.
- Raff was given assurances that Bress would assist the planning and development of a church of Avandra in the city.
- Balthasar came to an undisclosed agreement with counsellor Brennan.
- The party would receive 50% of the mine profits (approximately 18000gp per month).


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