balthasars observations

Date unknown. (from PC Bio section)
So far Balthasar has observed the following about his companions;

Raff is often reserved but canny and somewhat courageous when called to action.
Orlando alternately has a wicked or scheming tongue, a vengeful and greedy character, with stealthy and deadly skills.
Pamila is a foolhardy paladin, who has both shocked and endeared herself to the group.
Medea is an enigmatic and cantankerous crone, with wicked humour and cunning guile that serve her both well.
and formerly;

Rhoguar was bold and somewhat reckless, with brave strategies that often saved the day.
Since undertaking the original mission to Winterhaven, a sinister plot has been uncovered involving cultists following He whose name should not be spoken, the master of the underworld.

During the final battle with the cultists who were lairing near Winterhaven, Balthasar failed to uncover the arcane secret to closing the Portal to the underworld, and eventually was knocked unconscious. The group were saved by a valiant but fateful sacrifice by Rhogar who was lost on the other side of the Portal in a battle with the cultist leader and his demonic master. Balthasar feels the sting of his failure.

Following this his companions undertook to rescue the children of Don Bressiano.

Recently with Medea the Witch they undertook the recovery of an heirloom taited with evil, that was stolen from his bloody hands by cultists. The thieves were tracked down to a warehouse and their leader slain, however Balthasar spared the life of a wizard in their ranks and enlisted him into Kregors Voyagers under the watchful eye of Meegosh.

An undead scourge was stopped and an Ogre King defeated.

A battles with magical beast at an arcane academy was won.

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balthasars observations

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