Balthasars known projects;

  • The Museo (add link) – a tower appropriated by Balth and Medea, now used by Balth primarily as a place to store items of archaeological significance.
  • Courtesy of Councillor Brennan, Balth is renovating a former wizards tower in Bress, to be used as a Museum of Antiquities. Remember to exit via the gift shop… ;)
  • The Villa (add link) – the new headquarters of our party. Formerly occupied by the Saunier Duval company?
  • Kregors Voyagers – are no more – but Balth did a lot of “crime scene investigation” of the site. Ando and his team presently occupy what little of the site is still habitable. Still negotiating with Bress about what to do with the site.

Coming soon…
Balthasar’s Skunkworks – A place for crazy inventions, arcane rituals and laboratory experiments. Adventurers from far and wide are known to place special requests but do not alwways get exactly what they bargained for. (a bit like Q from James Bond)
Balthasars Almanac says… – A footnote compendium that can be added to almost any page prividing vauabel insights gleaned by Balthasars sagely knowledge of the world

Balthasar is trained in Religion and observes (via common and network means) activity of The Pantheon faiths in Bress;

  • Temple of Avandra – Balth has a cordial relationship with Priestess Sierra, leader of this temple? Occasionally checks on Raffs tomb. Located below?
  • Shrine to Kord – faith of Pamila the Paladin.
  • Shrine to Ioun – popular with wizards, in progress.
  • Basilica of Erathis – the primary faith of Bress.
  • Pelor temple name? – the secondary faith of Bress.
  • Correllon – the elven god, there is no faith to this deity in Bress.


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