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Region: Greenfelds

An industrious town with proud military history. Population ranges from 15-25K. (Ben: I’d like to change this to 70-80K. Lets discuss first.)

The smelters, sawmills, and factories of Batonsburg were once rumored to run day and night. Many citizens take pride in their work and are known to take their passions for various crafts and professions to excess. Not a few families have age old friendships with the sizable community of Dwur who also continue to dwell as residents in the city.
Such diligence has resulted in great properity for the folk of Batonsburg, however there are still a rare few who are disenfranchised and may at times cause trouble.
The commonfolk however, more often take pride in the victories of their forefathers, both in establishing the early citystate of Batonsburg, and for overcoming the mercenary armies and raiders tat flourished during the Guild Wars.
Limestone is still quarried to the north, bog iron still collected to the south, lumber still floated downstream to the mills from the east, and much trade flows in from the west via the great trade roads of the Greenfelds.

NB. In ages past the lake to the south was the site of a massive icefield and glaciers. The north-western side of the lake forms a rough demarcation zone of the greenfelds plateau, which extends both north and east from that point. The easternmost side of the lake contains expanses of peat bogs that are a legacy of this glacial age.


The military commander of the Nationstate of Santuary, Field Marshal Kell Norrius is based in Batonsburg.

The historical, and hereditary ruler is Duke Eduourd de Merckx who has strong ties to the royal family of Marsyna, and whose eldest son Freynar is considered by many as the heir to the throne of Sanctuary.

The many powerful and rich and varied merchant trading guilds of the Greenfelds, and even a few from beyond the Isle of Santuary, maintain offices in Batonsburg, and regularly do business at the financial exchange known as the Mercantile Commerce Guild. The head of the MCG is a deft businesswoman known as Glide.

Assorted establishments of note or merit.

Riverside Inn
Stout Oak (Inn)
Haven (Inn)
Golden Carriage (Inn)
Greymoor Inn
Yewman (Bowyer/Fletcher)
Golden Tooth (Pawnbroker)
The Fat Man (Tattooist)
Brotherhood of Saint Koru (Healers)
Smithys (Blacksmith)
Bold Blades (Weaponsmith)
Shieldmaiden Freds (Armorer)
Big Legs Traders (Merchants)
Modest Mouse (Tailors)
Bloods (Jewelers)
Taverns: Belching Ogre, Dwarf’s Beard, Dripping Dragon, Ribald Dandy


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