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Population 120-150K.

Marsyna Leadership and Politics

(Citystate of Marsyna, Nationstate of Sanctuary)
The official head of state of Marsyna is King Sigurdr, Lord of the Greenfelds and the Lands of Marin. The city mayor Griff Graffson, is the head of all citystate public servants.
Marsyna is also the new capital of the Nationstate of Sanctuary, which it has formed with Bress and Batonsburg.
Marsyna still maintains much autonomy, particularly in industry and commerce.
Ministers from Bress and Batonsburg, are often sought after to negotiate trade deals, and therefore hold considerable influence.
The chief minister presides over the council of state (27 ministers from whom he is elected, and 3 additional proxy-ministers detailed below). All ministers are elected or selected in some way from their citystates. Presently 12 are from Marsyna. 9 from Batonsburg and 6 from Bress, 27 in total including the chief minister. 10 are women. All are human. The present chief minister of Sanctuary is Lord Barrius* of Tarandell.
Officially the heads of state of Marsyna, Bress, and Batonsburg are also ministers, but they are represented by proxy-ministers (Magisters) who vote on their behalf. The Bress Magister is Envoy Kerrick, brother to Councillor Brennen of Bress. The Batonsburg Magister is Lord General Paulius. Both popularly and controversially, the Marsyna Magister is the commonborn Glorianya Drakkengheld, publically elected by the people of Marsyna. All magisters have veto powers, with tenure at the whim of heads of state. All other ministers must be re-elected every 2-5 years.

*Although Barrius is a native of Northmarch he is also a citizen of Sanctuary, and has been given claim to represent Northmarch should they ever elect to join the Nationstate of Sanctuary. It must be said that his fellows within Northmarch a very much in the minority.

Secret societies

The Hands

Although not the only organisation that can qualify as either a thieves or assassins guild or the like, The Hands are the most notorious, in particular due to their longevity (having originated over 60 years ago if not longer) and their patience and resiliance, in outlasting and overcoming all other contenders. They seem to tolerate many other smaller operators in the night trade, black market, and such, but when the time is ripe they display uncommon ruthlessness in disposing of those who overreach and challenge their overarching hegemony. Very little is known about them except for their calling card, being a pair of dismembered hands.


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