The Kerk of the Pantheon

The Kerk of the Pantheon

Of the Pantheon of deities recognised by The Kerk, only Lady Erathis and Lord Pelor are truly claimed by the people as their own, whereas other deities are considered more as foreign and remote. Lady Erathis represents the struggle of people to maintain and advance a society based on law and order. She is their salvation from the fear of barbarism and embodies humankinds perserverance for dominion over the chaos of the world. Lord Pelor also represents this salvation by embodying humankinds mastery of agriculture, cultivating and turning nature to its advantage.

Being a pantheistic church although Erathis is listed as holding 50% worship, it reflects more on the commonfolk’s attraction to her motherly nature and the amount of actual devotion attributed in everyday and private life. With respect to religious patronage, whilst Erathis is favored, most of the pantheon are celebrated equally for their particular and respective qualities.

Erathis (50% worship) is the god of the state. She is invoked by all but especcially by the middle classes, and in all forms of government and commerce. She is considred the de-facto patron of humankind, and was pivotal during the desperate times following the fall of empire.

Bahamut (5% worship) is the patron of only a few noble families. His guidance is sought…
Avandra (5% worship) is appeased by some merchants, and the poor…

Moradin (3% worship) is a fatherly figure whose guidance is sought for building and…
Of the seasonal gods Pelor (25% worship) is revered and appeased most (especcially by the commonfolk), with passing interest in the transient gods of Spring/Autumn Corellon (1% worship)/Sehanine (1% worship). The Raven Queen (0% worship) is both feared and respected.

Ioun (1% worship) is generally revered only by spellcasters and sages.
Kord (1% worship) is associated with primitive barbarians, and typically only revered by brutes.
Melora (3% worship) is appeased by mariners, hunters, and…

Less than 1% of folk are known to worship evil gods… Such worship is not tolerated!

The Kerk of the Pantheon

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