The musings of Balthasar


Balthasar is constantly muttering to himself, sometimes he makes sense, exposing articulate soliloquies of clarity.

Often, at other times, it’s a stream of nonsensical diatribe for anyone not used to it….lo, even his closest companions stare at each other in open mouthed question whenever he calls out to “The Sylphs!!! The Sylphs!! See them dance through the air!!! Hee!!!”

Here is a growing collection of his coherent stories:

1. The Unicorn and the Standing Stones – North of Bress – A tale exposing Balths connection with the other worlds and his understanding of the spirits of mana.

2. The West Wing of Bress Episode 1 – A tale eluding to the political machinations faced by the leader of Bress.

3. The West Wing of Bress Episode 2 – An unfinished tale continuing the political intrigues faced by the leader of Bress.

4. A visitor from the Feywild – A tale describing a recent visit to Bress by Balths fondest relative.

5. The tale of two brothers – A tale relating to the early days of Bress

The musings of Balthasar

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