Sailing Ship

A detailed deck plan of our sailing ship. See also Sailing Ship Enhancements and Redesign.


B1. Maindeck
B2. Foredeck
B3. Wheeldeck
B4. Aftdeck
B5. Longboats x2
B6. Fore Quarters / Officers Room
B7. Aft Quarters / Captains Room
B8. Main Hold
B9. Bunks for ABS’s
B10. Kitchen / Galley
B11. Mates Room / Store
B12. Lower Hold
B13. Secure Hold

Chris Perkins ship combat system;
Variant Ship Rules
Ship Recognition Guide

An alternate system;

Gargantuan vehicle
HP 400 Space 8 squares by 20 squares Cost 13,000 gp
AC 4; Fortitude 20, Reflex 2
Speed swim 6
The pilot must stand at the ship’s wheel, typically at the rear of
the topmost deck.
In addition to the pilot, a greatship requires a crew of twenty,
all of whom use a standard action each round to help control
the ship. Reduce the ship’s speed by 2 for every 5 missing crew
members. At swim speed 0, the ship sails out of control.
Two hundred Medium creatures; fi ve hundred tons of cargo.
Out of Control
An out-of-control greatship moves forward at half speed. At the
DM’s discretion, it can move in the same direction as a strong
wind at up to full speed.
The greatship has four decks: the topmost open deck (which
incudes the upper deck and quarter deck), two middle decks
for crew and passengers, and a cargo hold.
At the DM’s discretion, a greatship can take a penalty or bonus
to its speed of –4 to +4 depending on the strength and
direction of the wind.

Sailing Ship

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