Sailing Ship Enhancements and Redesign

Various designs and enhancements for the sailing ship.

Some are just inventors sketches, engineering plans, or related research and technology. Others may be small scale models, components, frameworks, or fully fledged prototypes! =)

1. Hull reinforcement
1a. A hull reinforced by using special timbers, glues, joinery, nails/screws, barding, etc
1b. Benefits

  • Extra hit points
  • DR vs certain damage types
  • Faster speed with polished finished
  • Resistance to barnacles, etc
  • Better AC or Saves

2. Shields:
2a. Magical defenses
2b. Benefits:

  • temporary hitpoints
  • DR vs certain damage types
  • Better AC or Saves

3. Keel:
3a. A keel below the ship – could be fixed or retractable
3b. Benefits

  • Added speed in certain conditions ie. strong winds or certain sail configurations
    3c. Penalties – hazard in shallow water

4. Disguise:
4a. The ship could be disguised either as a merchant vessel or military vessel or nondescript.
4b. Benefits:

  • Merchant vessels may sail undisturbed in certain waters, or invite trouble in others. Similarly if military or nondescript.
  • Achieved by removing/concealing weapons/defenses, crew appearance, flags and sails, other…

5. Sails and Rigging:
5a. Special materials for sails and rigging
5b. Benefits:

  • Resistance to damage
  • Improved speed
  • Improved manouverability
    5c. Solar Sails – which work in spelljammer space!

6. Masts and Yardarms:

  • Improved speed
  • Improved manouverability

7. Port Holes:
7a. Windows integrated into the ships hull
7b. Improved visibility at sea level and/or below sea level

8. Airlock
8a. An airlock in the hold allowing for diving expeditions, underwater defense, or attachment of a submersible unit
8b. Benefits

9. Gravity Engines
9a. Magically powered engineering marvels that alllow for vessel flight
9b. Benefits:

  • Flight! Could be limited duration at first… ie. prototypes
  • Spelljamming

10. New Seafaring Rituals
10a. Rituals specific to seafaring, ranging from repair, to combat, to weather, and more
10b. Benefits:

  • Repair leaking or damaged hull
  • Summon temporary ABS’s to replace lost crew
  • Predict or change weather
  • Enhance defenses or weapons or crew

11. Weapons:
11a. Assorted Ballistae and Catapults, small-armaments (crossbows) and utitlity devices (grapnels), prototype and magical weapons.
11b. Benefits:

  • Increased attack range
  • Increased attack power
  • Increased firing rate
  • Attack diversity: atack types, underwater (torpedos), flyers (nets etc)
  • Primitive canons and firearms

12. Enhanced Longboats
12a. Longboats for more than just getting ashore…
12b. Benefits:

  • Longboats with combat enhancements
  • Longboats with a mini-airship upgrade! ie. Zeppelin or Ornithoptor action!

13. Battering Ram
13a. A specially designed extension to the keel whose purpose is ramming other vessels
13b. Benefits:

  • More damage to other vessels
  • Less damage to our vessel
  • Easier way to board vessels

14. Scanners/Scryers (cf. Radar and Sonar)
14a. A magical scrying prism for locating vessels at long range
14b. Benefits:

  • detect most vessels/creatures early
  • detect vessels underwater or skyward
  • better navigate terrain perils: coastlines, underwater reefs, storms etc
  • Determine composition of vessels/creatures/terrain

15. Communications
15a. Devices for long range communication; vessel to vessel, crew to crew
15b. Benefits:

  • inbuilt translation for most tongues/species
  • communications with away missions

16. Short range teleporter
16a. Get to/from shore or other vessels quickly and easily
16b. Benefits

  • as above

17. Sick bay
17a. Enhanced medical/healing facils
17b. Benefits:

  • as above

18. ???

Sailing Ship Enhancements and Redesign

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