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~900 mostly due to surrounding farm staff Winterhaven

Winterhaven is a quiet farming community

The town is roughly 4 days ride from Bress along a serviceable but unpatrolled track through the Greenfelds

Nearby sites of interest
The infamous Keep of the Shadowfell is a days ride North East

Local leader:
Lord Paidraig. His father was a long standing lord over this area whom the residents greatly admired, they are just as happy with the son

Other local power figures:

NPC’s the PC’s have met:Wraftons inn

  • Salvana wrafton Salvana Wrafton – owner and proprietor of Wrafton’s Inn, a stout lady with a weathered face and a broad smile. Although friendly to all, she doesn’t suffer fools lightly
  • Eilian the Old – an old farmer usually found at Wraftons. He has many rambling stories, loves to talk, but seems to know a fair bit of Winterhaven’s history
  • Valthrun the Prescient – an old sage and scholar who lives in the tower within the town walls
  • Rond kelfem Rond Kelfem – Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars, a group of almost a dozen town guards. Rond also overseas the Warriors Guild. He is a stern man with a pock marked face, dark hair, and hard grey eyes.
  • Lord Padraig – Lord Padraig, appears no more than 30 summers, blond hair tightly bound in a tail, a thin mouth, crooked nose and bright flashing blue eyes.

PC’s adventuring in this town:

  • Rhogar joined the Warriors Guild in Winterhaven – this membership will be recognised at 3 nearby townships, Krystal Mine, Narrowlief and Yonda’s Rest
  • Orlando got busted trying to lift some silverware from the local sage, Valthrun, he now has -2 to diplomacy checks against this NPC
  • Balthasar struck up a good relationship with the local sage, Valthrun, he now has +2 to diplomacy checks against this NPC
  • Lord Padraig offered the PC’s 100gp and whatever treasure they found to clear out the kobolds who had been vexing him lately

It will be worth a return trip here to use Valthrun’s library and knowledge – Balthasar


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