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Bress is the spirtual heart of Sanctuary.


Bress is a relatively quiet coastal city. It is the focal point of a wide community of farmland and coastal villages fo the Greenfelds region. The sea to the south is a rich fishing region subject to seasonal storms. The main industries are fishing, agriculture, marble production and leather goods. Bress is the third largest city on the Isle of Sanctuary. It’s population waxes and wanes with the seasonal trade and harvests.

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Local leader:
Councillor Brennan has been leader for several years. His brother Envoy Kerrick represents Bress as a minister in Marsyna, capital of the recently formed nationstate of Sanctuary.

Other local power figures:
The town council is primarily made up of various merchant leaders and clerics, you wouldn’t really know any of them unless you were a member of a particular faith

PC’s adventuring in this town:
Many adventurers were apprentices at adventuring companies such as Kregor’s Voyagers, a firm that specialises in nautical exploration, but often accepts commissions for various land based investigations including clearing out discovered ruins for tourist companies, protection of trading caravans, busting union strikes and kidnap victim extractions.

Key buildings and locales:

  1. The Grand Keep of Bress (presently occupied by Chancellor Brennan)
  2. Basilica of Erathis
  3. Trade roads
    1. The Summer Road is the main trade route north to the Marsyna, passing through the town of ?, closer to State Capital
    2. The Winter road follows the west coast with the Spring road branching Northwest to Winterhaven
      ##The Autumn road meanders a short distance East into the Southfells
  4. Port District
  5. administration hall
  6. merchant guild halls
  7. Merchant Banks and such (See also [[|banking]])
  8. soldier guild halls
  9. Other temples
    1. Moonsong Temple of Luck, shrine to Avandra
    2. Stormhof of Kord
    3. The Sunblaze, Temple of Pelor
    4. Sepulcher of the Fates, shrine to the Raven Queen
  10. The Museo
nearby socienties and cultures:
  • Greenfelds human settlements (west and northwest, winterhaven)
  • Halflings (east in dawnbreak hills)
  • Dragonborn (south across sea on southern isles)
  • Pirates (south west across sea)
  • Sea traders (south east towards shattered archipelago)
  • Marsyna and Batonsburg (north, main trade route, some banditry)
  • forest and hills (north east)
Soldiering, Adventuring and Mercenary Guard companies
  • Band of the Brave (Large company recently spread across the Greenfelds of both soldiers and mercenaries)
  • Black Spiders (Mercenary guards)
  • Kregors Voyagers (Special adventuring forces: contains Kregor’s headquarters and training facility)
  • Saunier Duvals (Adventurers)
  • Skippers Seadogs (Sailors and soldiers)
Inns and Taverns*
Merchants and Merchant Guilds
  • Salacious Crumb Arguably the most sucessful merchant in Bress and owner of Mammons Cartage and several smaller merchant companies. Lives in a small palace.
  • Bartolomeo AKA Don Bresciano Is a moderately wealthy merchant and lives in a modest town house. Whilst his house is on the small side this reflects his thrifty and efficient nature. The few items of furniture, art and culture he stores here are of quality. Occasionally additional items of great worth pass through here but never for long as he is a cautious man. Most of his real wealth reside in his investments, in bank vaults or in secret caches related to his business ventures. He is a member of the Merchant Venturers who trade for the State and Crown. View Floorplan.
  • Scuttlebutt Shippers Captain Horatio Macc Al Lister runs this maritime mechant operation.
  • Roche Brasiliano May or may not be a buccaneer…1

Player Character Notes:

  • Balthasar/Craig: Balth’s old mentor Meegosh lives here.


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