Party Status and Goals and WIP

Current Location: The party is currently in Gamithveilt having left Bress approx 2 months ago.


  • The party has new “adventuring” head quarters which they are currently renovating. The Villa
  • The party has existing room(s) as Kregors adventurers, which they will soon be vacating. Update Kregors was (totally?) destroyed.
  • A gold mine nearby Bress is supplies %50 of its income to the party. 18K per month.


  • A sailing ship! (I think we need a wiki page devoted our ship) The Ship

Other Known Lairs

  • The keep of the shadowfell
  • Other lairs of enemies we’ve dispatched could go here…

Party Allies

Members Status
Raff (RIP) was building a temple to Avandra in Bress.
Otherwise he is ready for the next adventure.
Balthasar is currently renovating a tower in Bress, to be used as a museum of antiquities. Remember to exit via the gift shop…
Otherwise he is ready for the next adventure.
Medea is acting strange and galavanting about in a scurrilous way (ie. behaving as normal). She now has a seat on the council Bress.
Otherwise she is ready for the next adventure.
Pamila is still talking to her sword and reconciling what to do about her reclaimed homelands.
She is busy.
Bruegar is a dwarf. Last heard he was looking after the party’s mining investment.
He is busy.

Works In Progress (WIP)

  • The party probably needs a permanent sailing crew including; a decent shipwright, a decent navigator, etc
    Here are some links to roles aboard sailing vessels;
    Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3
  • The party probably needs some staff at our residence to maintain our afffairs while we are otherwise engaged in looting and pillaging. Perhaps a butler and a maid for starters?
    Here are some links with information about some servants/hirelings we may consider;
    Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

Random Clues (to be followed up with Ben)
We’ve taken some demon parts from a previous battle with “carnage demons”. Do “Evistro” and “Kluktator” ring any bells? Perhaps from Medea and Balths solo adventure or the followup battle?
Some other items likely from theat battle are a “Book of Lore” and an “Old Map of Bress” featuring some underground sections.
Also the tower has books such as: “Mandrake and Nightshade”, “Gnomes: A History”, “Midnight Romance”?, and a “Swamps”? book (taken).
At some point we took 24hr supply of tea, poppies, and a sleep poison drug of “ground thassel root”.


  1. there is a sarjeant called “burnet” in the bress guard battery.
  2. there is a tunnel from kregors into the city underground (sewers).
  3. the wizard of the tower was named “Aljendro”?
  4. anyone recall “Splurg” the goblin rogue?

Party Status and Goals and WIP

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